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Our Chefs use only sustainable wholesome ingredients that are locally sourced out from the community as well as continuously sourcing out the highest quality organic ingredients from various farms around B.C. Our team focuses on sourcing local as well as incorporating other humanely raised products into our menus such as exotic wild meats, tropical produce and other global foods. We work hands on with the farmers, foragers, fisherman, wineries, distilleries and micro breweries within British Columbia to create our catering menus along with hand-picking foraged ingredients ourselves. All our dishes are made from scratch - per order, freshly hand crafted for each individual guest with lots of love. We create a truly unique farm-to-table dining experience that will present the beauty of freshly harvested ingredients into savoured dishes. Whether you want to create an exceptional experience in an unforgettable beach front setting or a quaint cozy indoor environment, we want to help you reach your dream vision by providing our services wherever you are. The ability to provide nourishment from the community - back to the community, is something Knotweed takes pride in.