what we support

Knotweed uses only sustainable wholesome ingredients that are locally sourced out from the community as well as sourcing out the highest quality organic ingredients from various humane farms around B.C. We work hands on with the farmers, foragers, fisherman, wineries, distilleries and micro breweries within British Columbia to create our fresh sheet menus. Since our ingredients are seasonal, we change our menu as often as nightly to weekly depending on what our suppliers have on hand to pertain to our farm-to-fork ethics as well to ensure our standard of quality is met. All our dishes are made from scratch - per order, freshly prepared for each individual guest. The ability to provide nourishment from the community - back to the community, is something Knotweed takes pride in.

the chef

Being from New Brunswick and now living in British Columbia, Chef Mike Sonier has compiled many of his preferred dishes along his travels over the years and is currently working on a seasonal, land & sea cookbook where you will find a lot of those creations and methods. Being amongst the mountains, farmland and near the ocean is where home is for Chef Mike, allowing him to constantly expand his creativity for his locally inspired dishes along with fulfilling his active lifestyle year-round on his mountain bike & snowboard. The great outdoors is where Chef finds his passion and motivation to continually collaborate with many different inspirations around the province that share the same vision. 

the sous chef

Sierra began her culinary journey side-by-side with Chef Mike Sonier in 2015 and fulfilled her role in the kitchen being creative with raw vegan desserts and specializing in plant-based dishes. Having a dedicated passion to fuel herself with optimal nutrition led Sierra into teaming up with Knotweed, a company that does just that - nourishes the community with the communities wholesome foods. Currently studying holistic nutrition to expand + learn her knowledge on vitally healing foods so she can bring a holistic health side to Knotweed. Sierra loves to constantly travel which influences her approach to understanding the powerful relationship between food, culture and community.